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About Bonaire

About Bonaire

Image courtesy of Freddie Hughes

Imagine an island where you can step off the shore and explore the underwater reefs from almost everywhere. Each dive, whether with scuba or snorkel gear, provides a view of an abundance of fish and coral.

If you prefer to spend your day above the water, there are a myriad of watersports and land adventures. Windsurfing is enjoyed in the south at Lac Bay. Bonaire has become one of the best known islands for this fast and exciting sport. Gin clear water, on shore breezes and two professional shops make Lac Bay windsurf heaven. Kiting is rapidly becoming a favorite pastime on Bonaire. While resting in between sailing sessions, kayak near the mangroves or drive along the south to see the famous pink flamingos, the slave huts, and the salt hills.


All of the waters around Bonaire are part of the Bonaire National Marine Park. This includes Lac Bay. An entrance fee of $10 per calendar year is charged to all users of the park who sail and $25 for divers. You may pay and pick up your marine tag at Jibe City or Bonaire Windsurf Place. It is a privilege to windsurf in this protected area. Thank you for your support


Land lovers will also enjoy driving through Washington-Slagbaai National Park. Iguanas, goats and many species of birds make the park their home. After driving along the scenic routes, stop for a swim at Slagbaai or snorkel at one of the many stops. Bonaire is restful and magical. Once you come, you will be back again and again.


There’s many different day tours or activities which you can enjoy. To see a listing of what to do in addition to diving or windsurfing, click here.

And at the end of the day, enjoy either casual or fine dining, with a plethora of different restaurants to try. Learn more about dining on Bonaire.

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